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The Buried Queen: A biopic on Queen Hatshepsut.
Cleopatra is the most famous female pharaoh, but Queen Hatshepsut’s reign as pharaoh ran from 1479–1458 B.C.E., preceding her by 14 centuries. She came to power when her husband (and half-brother), Thutmose II, died, and she ruled first as regent to her baby stepson, Thutmose III, before taking full power. Hatshepsut often had herself depicted as a man in official iconography to quell gossip about the legitimacy of her position; she was the most powerful person in Egypt, but her very authority was vulnerable to attack because she was a woman. In fact, her reign was eventually deemed extremely successful, as she focused on economic prosperity and stability rather than conquering foreign lands. Her existence was only discovered much after the fact, because her stepson, who succeeded her, destroyed evidence of her reign. This is believed to be a political move so that his time in power, as well, would not be questioned in the future . . . or done in a fit of rage, depending on which history book you read.

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